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Resources for mothers to learn and home-teach Phonics to their child.

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Resources for teachers to learn / teach Phonics to kids, in their classes

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Opportunities for education entrepreneurs, pre schools, work from home ladies and after school class teachers.

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Phonics for one & all

Skill India ... Phonics India

Phonics literacy is critical for all kids. It has to be an integral part of early learning of each kid. It needs to be attended through a holistic approach - encompassing mothers, teachers and kids.

In the absence of enough / trained Phonics teahcers across cities / towns in India, online resources availability and access will catlayse Phonics literacy. This is the focus here.

This endeavor is supported by Phonics eStore, the most complete place for Phonics.

We seek your feedback to improve on Phonics resources being made available here.

All Phonics teachers / organisations conducting classes, who wish to be associated with our Phonics literacy journey, are welcome to write to us at

What reviewers on Google+ say

Awesome site for kid!! very informative!!

Rajesh Radhakrishnan Bangalore

Excellent - innovative n bold !

Relevant - prepares children to get ahead !!

Kush Kumar Kamra Gurgaon

Provides a great way to teach kids the beauty of language

Samannay Ghosh Mumbai

Fabulous. Wish we had such learnings in our times.

Saurabh Kumar Delhi